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This BPA contract for IT Hardware was awarded in FY2005 on June 21, 2005 to New Tech Solutions by Surface Forces Logistics Center. There have been $4.5k in obligations to date with a ceiling value of $4.5k, showing a 100% burn rate so far on the contract. The contract was not competed under any preference program with offers received.

New Tech Solutions is a contractor located in CA, doing primarily IT Hardware work for Navy. The company employs about 15 personnel, with $366.9M annually in federal awards (as of FY2020). Also, they have shown success winning GWAC contracts concentrated mainly on a singular customer focused portfolio.

Blanket Purchase Agreements or BPAs establish a method for the Government to satisfy a repetitive need for goods and services. When a government-wide need exists for specific products or services, a BPA allows the Government to establish a single contract to satisfy those needs. Creating a single source for common needs enables the Government to use buying power to drive down prices and avoid the higher costs associated with hundreds or thousands of customers purchasing independently.

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Contract Number
Obligations to Date
Ceiling Value
Award Date
Contract Type
Competition Set Aside Type
No set aside used

Buying Agency/Office
Homeland Security » US Coast Guard » Deputy Commandant for Mission Support » Engineering & Logistics Directorate » Surface Forces Logistics Center

Obligation Trends

no chart data to display

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BPA Call History

BPA Call No. Contractor Obligations Effective Date
N6893604F0015 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $39.4k 11/04/2003
W91SMC04F0030 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $83.2k 12/24/2003
W912LN04F0035 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $6.7k 04/14/2004
W91QVN04F0580 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $6.2k 05/25/2004
FA487704F0061 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $4.1k 06/18/2004
INM0404DO35979 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $37.1k 07/14/2004
W911QX04F0242 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $3.2k 08/06/2004
N6893604F0252 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $25k 08/09/2004
W9124304F0090 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $11.2k 08/10/2004
FA480304F0141 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $90.7k 08/19/2004
W9137B04F0120 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $12.4k 08/27/2004
W912LP04F0198 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $5.8k 09/09/2004
W74V8H04F0969 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $19.8k 09/13/2004
N6893604F0355 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $59.2k 09/21/2004
W912L104F5268 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $3.6k 09/23/2004
W912L104F5282 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $49.6k 09/25/2004
W912L604F0240 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $40.6k 09/27/2004
W9124904F0335 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $0.1k 10/13/2004
N6893605F0012 NEW TECH SOLUTIONS INC $14.2k 10/26/2004

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