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This GWAC contract for Consumer Products > Security and Protection, Furniture, Navigation & Communications Equipment, Test & Measurement Supplies, Medical Equipment & Supplies > Equipment Related Services, Consumer Products > Electronic & Communication Equipment, IT Hardware, Records Management > Digitization, Program Management, Support Ships & Small Craft > Vessels, Facility/Physical Security > Security and Protection, Ammunition & Explosives > Weapons & Ammunition, Science/Engineering > Professional Services, Aerospace & Defense > Research and Development, Consumer Products > Miscellaneous S&E, Acquisition Support, Industrial Products & Machinery > Industrial Products & Services, Energy > Transmission/Distribution, IT Security Hardware, IT Networking Hardware > Hardware, IT Software, Communications Equipment, Business Admin Services, Marine Products & Materials > Equipment Related Services, Construction Related Materials > Facilities & Construction, Training Aids & Devices, Hardware & Tools, IT Outsourcing, Electrical & Electronics Equipment > Electronic & Communication Equipment, Facility Related Equipment > Equipment Related Services, Education/Training > Human Capital, Office Products & Services was awarded in FY2015 on April 09, 2015 to BAHFED CORP by Goddard Space Flight Center. There have been $149M in obligations to date with a ceiling value of $20B, showing a 1% burn rate so far on the contract. The contract was competed under HUBZone Set-Aside preference program with 232 offers received. We expect a 10 year duration with ultimate completion date of April 29, 2025.

BAHFED CORP is a contractor located in OR, doing primarily IT Software work for Defense. The company employs about 20 personnel, with $47M annually in federal awards (as of FY2020). Also, they have shown success winning GWAC contracts concentrated mainly on a singular customer focused portfolio. BAHFED CORP is a certified 8(a) contractor through March 24, 2025.

Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) are awarded and managed by a limited number of Federal offices. The Federal Government granted the General Services Administration (GSA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and NASA the authority to compete, award, and manage GWACs. Essentially awarded as Indefintive Delivery-Indefinite Quantity contract vehicles, GWACs are available to all Government agencies at a low fee to use, making them an attractive option to acquire IT products and services.

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Contract Number
Obligations to Date
Ceiling Value
Award Date
Contract Type
Contract Vehicle
Competition Set Aside Type
HUBZone Set-Aside

Buying Agency/Office
National Aeronautics and Space Administration » Goddard Space Flight Center

Obligation Trends
(past 5 fiscal years)

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Task Order History

Task Order No. Contractor Obligations Effective Date
FA282315FG001 BAHFED CORP $5.8k 06/01/2015
NLR63310015F0119 BAHFED CORP $12.1k 06/04/2015
VA11815F0271 BAHFED CORP $4.3k 08/06/2015
IND15PD01107 BAHFED CORP $9.1k 08/18/2015
TIRMS15K00067 BAHFED CORP $9.4k 08/18/2015
N6227115F0216 BAHFED CORP $5.1k 08/18/2015
DJM15A41E0279 BAHFED CORP $112.4k 08/19/2015
IND15PD01129 BAHFED CORP $9.1k 08/21/2015
N6227115F0233 BAHFED CORP $7k 08/27/2015
INF15PD02329 BAHFED CORP $3.9k 09/02/2015
TFSATGT15K0063 BAHFED CORP $0k 09/08/2015
DJJ15F01CRM0348 BAHFED CORP $37.6k 09/14/2015
INP15PD03436 BAHFED CORP $0k 09/16/2015
M0068115F0114 BAHFED CORP $4.8k 09/19/2015
N6227115F0295 BAHFED CORP $44.8k 09/23/2015
ING15PD01126 BAHFED CORP $4k 09/23/2015
VA118A16F0464 BAHFED CORP $64.2k 10/01/2015
FA481416FG080 BAHFED CORP $47.1k 10/01/2015
FA282316FG246 BAHFED CORP $20.6k 10/01/2015
TFSAISS16K0003 BAHFED CORP $86.1k 10/08/2015

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