GS27F0014Y - Blanket Purchase Agreement for Intensive Use Chair... | Federal Compass

GS27F0014Y - Blanket Purchase Agreement for Intensive Use Chair...

Federal Contract Award Search » BPA Award - Schedule 71 - Furniture
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Schedule 71 - Furniture

Buying Agency/Office
Homeland Security » Transportation Security Administration

Obligation Trends
(past 5 fiscal years)

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BPA Call History

BPA Call No. Contractor Obligations Effective Date
FA301612F0054 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $15.1k 07/10/2012
VA69D12F2535 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $9.3k 08/15/2012
N0025312F1029 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $21.7k 08/17/2012
NNC12DA65D NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $6.9k 08/21/2012
VA69D12F2622 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $4.8k 08/24/2012
VA25712F1018 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $3.3k 08/24/2012
VA24412F2736 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $7.4k 08/30/2012
N0040612F0457 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $2.4k 08/30/2012
W912DY12F0288 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $217.4k 09/07/2012
W912DY12F0278 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $83.2k 09/07/2012
W912DY12F0291 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $314.8k 09/11/2012
W912DY12F0311 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $55.9k 09/12/2012
W9136412F0216 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $10.7k 09/12/2012
FA486112FB085 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $10.4k 09/13/2012
FA524012FA001 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $6.3k 09/17/2012
HSTS0112FBMS022 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $8.3k 09/18/2012
W912DY12F0357 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $52.2k 09/18/2012
FA486112FB106 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $13.3k 09/20/2012
VA25812F0617 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $94.9k 09/24/2012
VA25812F0679 NEUTRAL POSTURE, INC. $94.7k 09/24/2012

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