AG3142C160022 - Multiple Award requirement for construction, des... | Federal Compass

AG3142C160022 - Multiple Award requirement for construction, des...

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Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Set-Aside

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Agriculture » USDA Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Task Order History

Task Order No. Contractor Obligations Effective Date
AG3142D160232 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $96.6k 09/21/2016
AG3142D170024 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $21.4k 01/27/2017
AG3142D170027 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $6.4k 02/08/2017
AG3142D170031 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $3.7k 02/14/2017
AG3142D170039 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $2.1k 03/13/2017
AG3142D170040 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $16.6k 03/14/2017
AG3142D170054 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $3.1k 04/11/2017
AG3142D170057 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $5.3k 04/12/2017
AG3142D170062 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $3.7k 04/20/2017
AG3142D170064 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $20k 04/25/2017
AG3142D170067 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $1.8k 04/28/2017
AG3142D170072 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $2.3k 05/02/2017
AG3142D170074 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $275.4k 05/05/2017
AG3142D170076 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $27.8k 05/08/2017
AG3144D170173 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $8.6k 05/08/2017
AG3142D170081 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $7.5k 05/16/2017
AG3142D170080 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $9.6k 05/17/2017
AG3142D170083 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $7.4k 05/24/2017
AG3142D170084 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $15.2k 05/25/2017
AG3142D170085 B3 ENTERPRISES LLC $1.9k 05/30/2017

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