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DJFJFBI11317 - voice/data telecommunication services

Federal Contract Award Search » BPA Award - FBI Voice/Data Telecommunication Services
Contract Number
Obligations to Date
Ceiling Value
Award Date
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No set aside used

Buying Agency/Office
Justice » Federal Bureau of Investigation

Obligation Trends
(past 5 fiscal years)

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BPA Call History

BPA Call No. Contractor Obligations Effective Date
DJFA1G1131700 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $16.7M 09/30/2011
DJFA2G203110 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $460k 01/03/2012
DJMS12ITDA0027 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $64.3k 01/24/2012
DJMS1259A0002 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $4.4k 02/22/2012
DJMS12AC0378 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $58.3k 02/24/2012
DJMS1237A0061 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $16.4k 02/27/2012
DJMS12AC0380 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $19.6k 03/01/2012
DJMS12AC0376 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $8.3k 03/02/2012
DJMS12AC0392 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $22.8k 03/02/2012
DJMS12AC0379 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $1.8k 03/05/2012
DJMS12AC0362 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $20.9k 03/05/2012
DJMS12AC0450 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $1.1k 03/07/2012
DJMS12AC0446 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $64.8k 03/07/2012
DJMS12AC0458 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $4.8k 03/12/2012
DJMS12AC0464 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $16.6k 03/12/2012
DJMS1290A00012 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $8.2k 03/24/2012
DJMS12GLTA0104 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $26.2k 03/24/2012
DJMS12AC0402 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $35.5k 03/24/2012
DJD11HQ317AL01 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $0.5k 08/01/2012
DJMS12AC1072 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP $0.5k 08/01/2012

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