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Free Market Report: Trends & Observations
EPA Region 2, EPA Zone 2 & 3, REPA 5, JOFOC (2012)

Prepare yourself for competition by understanding federal market trends. Is this the right pursuit for my organization? How is the government buying my product and services? Is there an upcoming recompete for future work?

Contracting Agency/Office
Environmental Protection Agency
541620 Environmental Consulting Services
Competition Set-Aside Type

Award Type
Award Date
Expiration Date
No. of Awards
No. of Offers

Obligations by Fiscal Year

prime obligations by fiscal year

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Trends & Observations: EPA Region 2, EPA Zone 2 & 3, REPA 5, JOFOC (2012)

The full contract vehicle assessment includes:
Preference Program Trends
Set Aside Preference
Key Buyers
Buying Trends & Activity
Funding Account Health
Task Order Activity
Small Business Trends
Contractor Performance
Potential Recompete Opportunities

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