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Strategies to Improve Teaming and Inorganic Growth Opportunities

Whether you are seeking inorganic growth opportunities or strategic partnerships, situational awareness is the key to identifying potential pathways. These types of relationships and acquisitions often spawn from a specific need, and when that need becomes a pain point, inorganic growth can stall, and teaming partners can become strained. When trying to identify these potential opportunities in the ever-crowded field of federal contracting, it can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.


Having the ability to know and understand the position of every trusted partner provides you with the information you need to expand opportunity identification. This includes leveraging their contract vehicles, identifying potential task order recompetes that align with your past performance, creating subcontracting opportunities, and identifying undiscovered avenues to capture customer intimacy. These strategies can help you strengthen existing partnerships, find new ones, and identify opportunities for inorganic growth.


Strategies to Improve Teaming and Inorganic Growth Opportunities


Access, Asset, or Expansion?

The problem most federal contracting organizations encounter is having to sift through the vast number of resources to identify a preliminary list that satisfies their need and has proven performance. Strategic relationships and acquisitions demand a higher level of vetting than most. Having the ability to identify if there is access to a new customer or market, identifying if an existing teaming partner is an asset or a thorn, and being able to identify inorganic growth opportunities are all critical elements to sustained success.


When it comes to finding a solution that helps identify these critical areas, it is best to find one that is personalized around your unique needs. This helps you filter out the noise and visualize your addressable market. This way you can better identify attractive candidates that you should be watching within any market or customer.


Leverage Your Partner’s Positions

When customer intimacy and past performance are holding up a pursuit, your partners may have the key. Strategic teaming relationships are one of the most valuable and underutilized assets a company can own. However, exploiting these relationships is often overlooked in the fast-paced world of federal contracting. Knowing the position of every trusted partner gives you the knowledge you need to expand opportunity identification.


Having the ability to chart out the presence of your partners across the government helps you better establish the strength of their position within each customer and determine which contracts they use to access customers. This also helps you leverage their contract vehicles to explore potential task order recompetes that align with your past performance and create attractive subcontracting opportunities. Maximize your relationships and identify undiscovered avenues to capture customer intimacy and past performance.


Improved Inorganic Targeting

Acquisitions catch headlines, and they can send ripples through the entire industry. The right transaction can change a company’s fortunes, or it can end in dismal failure. Regardless of the risks, inorganic growth is a vital component of the federal contracting market. The most challenging aspect of the deal is finding the right candidate. Identifying which contractors satisfy your end goal is only the beginning. It is critical to understand your tolerance and the attributes of each target.



Identifying and analyzing potential candidates has never been easier. Federal Compass allows you to set your criteria and explore the contractors operating within a targeted market. We help you quickly get to a subset of candidates who can fulfill your end goal and begin assessing each target. Determine their customer presence, contract portfolio, growth trajectory, and how much revenue is at risk. Gain the situational awareness you need to monitor the entire market for your next deal.

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