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Federal Contracting Market Intelligence

Comprehensive Market Intelligence and Tailored Insights
for Federal Contractors

In-depth and customized market intelligence is something we at Federal Compass strongly believe is a must-have for federal contractors. It provides you with federal contracting opportunities that are aligned with your company and its goals, that are focused around your past performance, and are within your skillset.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your market intelligence, start gaining a true competitive advantage today with Federal Compass.

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Informed Decisions
with comprehensive market intelligence

*including prime and subcontract awards

Federal Market Intelligence

Federal Buying Trends

Insights into buying preferences, growth and trends:

  • What is my customer buying?
  • Through which contract vehicles?
  • Is my addressable market growing within this customer?

Budget & Funding Analysis

Follow trends in funding for your most inportant contracts and customers.

Contract Vehicles & Supply Schedules

Before your next pursuit, understand exactly where your customers are buying. Identify new pathways to existing customers and further your reach into new customers.

Competitive Analysis

Understand exactly where you and your competition step on each other's toes, within each customer and within each service/offering.

Strategic Insights

Explore Federal Compass 360 to answer executives' most pressing questions:

  • How am I performing with existing customers?
  • How am I performing on my contract vehicles?
  • What are the best areas for customer expansion?
  • Who are my biggest competitors?

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

Personalized Markets

Dimensional Pivots

Our market explorer supports real-time data pivots and multi-dimension charts. This allows your team to dive into exactly what matters most and visualize the movement of federal dollars.

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Personalized Markets

In a market that is more complex and competitive than ever, is your market intelligence ready for the challenge? Federal Compass offers solutions that are purpose-built to address the realities that exist in the market today, along with the most comprehensive federal opportunities database. Move beyond merely reacting and get the insights you need to find your direction. We invite you to explore our library of use-cases that demonstrate Federal Compass’ approach to your real-world problems.

Though market intelligence teams can be highly useful assets, the reality is that most contractors are unable to maintain a dedicated market intelligence team. And for those that can, it is often a case of misunderstanding and mismanagement that limits the team’s potential. For this use-case, we discuss the best practices of market intelligence and how to harness the potential benefits for your company.

What market intelligence team?

Perhaps the most common problem with market intelligence is the lack of market intelligence. In a highly competitive market, still reeling from the disruption of lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA), indirects have become a luxury. Even a company willing to expend the resources will find that capable market intelligence professionals are in short supply. How then, do you get all the capabilities of a market intelligence team, when you don’t have one?

Federal Compass is leveling the playing field. We designed our solutions and tutorials to make it easy for any user to navigate, interact, and apply our information to their needs. Our strategic solutions, tailored to your company’s past performance, are on-demand and require nothing more than a click of your mouse. With Federal Compass, you can enjoy the benefits of a market intelligence team, without ever having to hire one.

Market intelligence powers thoughtful, informed decisions, which in turn, sharpen execution.
No, you cannot just Google it

The primary misconception of market intelligence is that it is readily available. That you can easily find it in a format that addresses your immediate needs. Many assume that 3rd party providers, federal procurement data system (FPDS), and the Federal budget are market intelligence. In reality, these are nothing more than inputs, yet to be shaped into relevant and actionable-intelligence. How meaningful is any information when everyone can access it?

As career market intelligence professionals, we understand the competitive advantages and real-world complexities associated with actionable-intelligence. We developed our tactical and strategic solutions on a foundation of personalization and customization. In short, we offer analysis and insights based on your organization’s "DNA" that is not available to anyone else. Reduce the time between research and action, and arm your organization with the tools they need to impact your success.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

Stop talking and start listening

The first step in mismanaging a market intelligence team is telling them where to look and what to find. You wouldn’t tell a chef how to cook your food, why tell your market intelligence team how to research? When you are directing a market intelligence team, you are establishing a cycle of reactionary research. They are no longer autonomously searching for information but dependent on direction. It is important to remember that data doesn’t care about feelings or opinions; it has a story to tell, and you should be listening.

Ready to start listening? Federal Compass offers solutions that can transform your market intelligence from reactionary to proactive. Analyze your addressable market and develop insights that inform decisions throughout your organization. Instead of directing market intelligence research, unleash it with solutions designed for the complexities of today’s market.