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Challenge the Status Quo

of Government Contracting

In a market that is more complex and competitive than ever, is your market intelligence ready for the challenge? Federal Compass offers solutions that are purpose-built to address the realities that exist in the market today, along with the largest federal opportunities database. Move beyond merely reacting and get the insights you need to find your direction. We invite you to explore our library of use-cases that demonstrate Federal Compass’ approach to your real-world problems.

Federal Compass was designed to challenge the traditional practices and legacy thinking that exist within our market. Our goal is to disrupt the status quo, level the playing field, and redefine the capabilities of market intelligence. In this use-case, we examine the current state of play to explain how we are anything but a traditional offering.

The 'so what' of market intelligence

When you rely on information to help shape your decisions, it must be relevant to you and your company. The conventional approach of delivering topline numbers in a one-size-fits-all package lacks the perspective required to address your real-world problems. You should never find yourself asking, how does this apply to my company?

At Federal Compass, we understand that every company is unique, and we built all of our solutions on a foundation of personalization. We develop a distinct market profile for every company, which allows our users to cut through the noise and explore their addressable market. When it comes to government contracts database, customers, and competitors, we offer perspectives specifically tailored to your company.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

Strategy. Enabled.

Every company understands the fundamental importance of developing and committing to a sound strategy. However, achieving that strategy tends to rely on finite resources that are stretched thin by competing interests. And all too often, the result is a loosely defined plan that quickly gives way to reactionary thinking.

While traditional market intelligence has failed to provide an adequate solution, we are focused on leveling the playing field for strategic thinking. We don’t believe that company size or availability of resources should dictate your ability to create an informed and durable strategy. With purpose-built solutions, tailored to your company, access to customized strategic intelligence is only a mouse-click away.

Research should always lead to action

How often do you find yourself replicating searches, chasing bread crumbs across products, or detoured to another annoying upsell page? Perhaps, as with many users, the status quo has beaten you into submission, and you have accepted that this is just the way things work.

Federal Compass has built feedback loops throughout our solutions. That means that our system responds to your interests, reducing the time between research and action. You can populate your pipeline, navigate through our solutions, and personalize information on the fly, without ever having to conduct another search.

Where price and value align

A lot of people ask us about our pricing model, approaching as skeptics who are looking for the gimmick that will satisfy their disbelief. The market has set expectations for what capabilities should cost and deviating from that norm must indicate a lack of functionality and substance. Our answer is simple and straight-forward. Why not get a positive return on your investment? At Federal Compass, we are committed to making advanced capabilities and personalized market intelligence available to every contractor. We do not believe in creating barriers. We prefer to knock them down.