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business development dashboard
business development dashboard business development dashboard
Federal Opportunities

Manage all your vehicles in one place

Federal Compass combines your task order RFQs in real-time with our industry leading pipeline management and market intelligence platform.

Task Order Management

Consolidated Federal Opportunities & Task Orders

We have all the right sources to keep you most informed: eBuy,, FedConnect, agency sources, etc.

Task Order Opportunities

We sync with your task order feeds in real-time, so your team can execute in one system.

Opportunity Tracking & Notifications

Stay informed with opportunity bookmarking, and daily and weekly search notifications.

Business Development & Team Collaboration Tools

Work as a team with all your information in one place with shared notes, shared lead lists, pipeline fields and user-defined fields.

Collaboration Built for GovCon

Partner Access and Collaboration
Collaboration Stack

Partner Collaboration

Invite teaming partners and external collaborators.

Document Management

Collaborate throughout the proposal lifecycle with documents living right alongside your opportunity research.

Advanced Reporting & Charting

Identify and explore trends and pain points with powerful ad hoc reporting for your pipeline.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

In a market that is more complex and competitive than ever, is your market intelligence ready for the challenge? Federal Compass offers solutions that are purpose-built to address the realities that exist in the market today, along with the most comprehensive federal opportunities database. Move beyond merely reacting and get the insights you need to find your direction. We invite you to explore our library of use-cases that demonstrate Federal Compass’ approach to your real-world problems.

Another win for the Business Development team is the start of another challenge for the Contracts team. Though everyone celebrates a significant contract win, exploiting that prime position requires an effective post-award strategy. For this use-case, we focus on the Contracts team and the Federal Compass solutions designed to enhance post-award execution.

Do you have a post-award strategy, or do you simply chase task orders?
You’ve won an IDIQ contract, now comes the hard part

The rise of multiple-award IDIQ government contracts has disrupted the notion of the big win. You celebrate a victory with the understanding that you’ve captured a seat at the table. Success, however, is dependent on your ability to identify and capture task orders. If you fixated on single contracting and program office to obtain a contract, you’re already at a disadvantage to your competitors who were looking beyond the win.

Federal Compass offers the solutions you need to target critical contracts, analyze the playing field, and prepare your post-award strategy. Our personalized tools include forecasts and task order recompetes, customer analysis, and competitive insights engineered specifically for your company and addressable market.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

Develop your customer strategies

Critical to success on any IDIQ is understanding the terrain of potential customers. It is not only a question of who will be there, but who may never show up to the party. Understanding the buying habits of your key customers requires you to look beyond your contract vehicles. And analyze the unseen threat of competitive IDIQs. Discovering that specific customers have opted to use another vehicle is not something you want to learn after you’ve won a contract.

At Federal Compass, we believe that a Contracts team's ability to hunt is directly related to the ground they are given to hunt on. With solutions tailored to your company’s addressable market, we offer insights to determine which IDIQs give you the most surface contact with your customers. Develop a pipeline and pursue federal opportunities that position your Contracts team for success.

Where strategy and access merge

Customer diversification is a priority for sustained success. Making adjacent markets an essential element for any long-term strategy. The problem with adjacent markets is that, with few exceptions, they are cost and time prohibitive. A lack of customer intimacy and past performance creates immediate and significant barriers to any expansion strategy. An overlooked benefit of IDIQs is their ability to offer a low-risk option to start a conversation with new customers and gain that initial beachhead.

Filling your pipeline with new customers from a government contracts database is a blunt instrument that requires the sacrifice of both money and time for an uncertain end. Our Contract Vehicle and Penetration Analysis solutions can help you identify current access and target forecasts and potential task order recompetes to engage new customers. Develop multi-tiered approach strategies that offer greater precision and less risk than a pipeline full of hopeful opportunities.

Forward-looking tools to keep pace with the rapid post-award cycle.
Evaluate your IDIQ performance

The flow of information out of an IDIQ is limited, making it challenging to obtain the transparency you need to assess your performance. That lack of knowledge hinders any attempts at accountability or visualizing critical underlying trends. Fundamental to recognizing the opportunities and challenges that exist within an IDIQ is knowing how you're performing with customers and against key competitors.

Federal Compass provides you with the insights you need to compare performance against your addressable market within an IDIQ. You are just a mouse-click away from determining the untapped potential of your contract vehicles.