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Solutions for Strategic Intelligence

for Federal Contractors

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Look beyond top-level analysis
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Who's Buying What I'm Selling?

With personalized markets, skip over the noise and dive right into what matters most; the things you sell and the customers you sell to.

Identify Adjacent and New Customers

Research that leads to action; identify pathways to new customers, and explore end-users who are buying exactly what you're selling.

Pathways to your Customer

Secondary competition has become a dominant pathway for federal spending in many industries. Are you positioned to compete for these dollars? Have you identified which vehicles you should be pursuing?

Competitive Analysis

Understand exactly where you and your competition step on each other's toes, within each customer and within each service/offering.

Penetration Analysis

Identify tactics to approach and expand your footprint with specific government buyers. Understand buying preferences and preferred channels.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

Personalized Markets

Dimensional Pivots

Our market explorer supports real-time data pivots and multi-dimension charts. This allows your team to dive into exactly what matters most and visualize the movement of federal dollars.

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Personalized Markets

In a market that is more complex and competitive than ever, is your market intelligence ready for the challenge? Federal Compass offers solutions that are purpose-built to address the realities that exist in the market today. Move beyond merely reacting and get the insights you need to find your direction. We invite you to explore our library of use-cases that demonstrate Federal Compass’ approach to your real-world problems.

We believe that a sound strategy and the discipline to stay the course are fundamental to success. Sounds obvious right? The problem with strategies in this market is that they are under constant assault from distractions, competing interests, and shiny new objects. For this use-case, we examine the common pitfalls of strategic planning and purpose-built strategic insights offered by Federal Compass.

Strategic planning requires a lot of data-drive decision making.
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Customer intimacy and past performance are the bedrock of any strategy. You understand your customers, your people on the ground are nurturing relationships, and if you’re building a solid reputation, that is worth its weight in gold. Maximize on that presence and knowledge by making existing customer growth the critical element of your strategy.

Federal Compass offers an on-demand analysis of existing customers, explicitly tailored to your company. Assess your performance against the addressable market within each customer and target the most significant areas of potential growth. Turn your strategy into tactical execution with our tools that direct you to the government contracts database, vehicles, and task orders that will help you expand in existing customers.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

Leverage your existing investments

What is in your contract portfolio is essential, but how you use those contracts determines success. Understanding your existing customer pathways and the potential of each contract vehicle is critical to post-award success. A collection of IDIQ’s is only valuable if you know how to maximize your position by targeting the right customers and executing an effective task order strategy.

Federal Compass understands that once you’ve captured a prime position on an IDIQ, the battle has only just begun. Our personalized assessments will give you the clarity you need to evaluate your performance and develop informed post-award strategies. Drive your customer growth strategies by leveraging your existing access and identifying the contract vehicles you need to protect and expand your position within every customer.

Pardon me, are you going to use that contract?

Few things are as disappointing, and as typical, in the Federal market than the underperforming contract. Increasing preference for IDIQ contract vehicles has introduced new federal opportunities for contractors to find themselves on the losing end of a contract win. The realization that critical customers have adopted a different vehicle or a competitive situation is unfavorable, often happens too late. In this market, big contract wins only guarantee a press release, and ill-informed pursuit decisions carry painful penalties.

Federal Compass’ personalized analysis will give you the insights you need to move beyond knowing what is in your pipeline and start asking why. Assess the threats posed by incumbents, competitors, and competitive contracts, and get the information you need to make informed pursuit decisions.

Federal Compass gives you the tools you need when decisions matter most.
He said, she said and hearsay

Executives all too often are at a disadvantage in many of their strategic and tactical conversations. They are focused on running the business and are left to depend on unverifiable information. Validating that information is vitally important to ensure that accountability and transparency are present in the boardroom. Trust but verify is critical to maintaining a focus and commitment to your strategic plan.

Federal Compass is more than just market intelligence; we offer on-demand strategic intelligence to meet the needs of executives. Get the information you need to validate what you are hearing and enter any meeting prepared to ask “why.” Create and communicate a unified strategy based on your existing customers, new customers, and contract vehicles. And with Federal Compass, your employees can see your vision, interact with our solutions, and develop the right pipeline to execute on your strategy.