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Solutions for Business Development

for Government Contractors

In a market that is more complex and competitive than ever, is your market intelligence ready for the challenge? Federal Compass offers solutions that are purpose-built to address the realities that exist in the market today, coupled with the most comprehensive federal opportunities database along with our federal government contracts database. Move beyond merely reacting to notices from government contracting websites and get the insights you need to find your direction. We invite you to explore our library of use-cases that demonstrate Federal Compass’ approach to your real-world problems.

Achieving sustained success in government contracting depends on the quality of the pipeline. When that pipeline is under scrutiny, no one is more vulnerable than the business developer. While human intelligence and connections will always be invaluable tools of the trade, market intelligence can be a business developer’s best friend. In this use-case, we explore the challenges that business developers face and how Federal Compass can be your ally in finding and defending federal opportunities.

Do you have a data-driven pipeline, or are you simply chasing opportunities without any strategy or foresight?
Not what, but why

Quantity versus quality is an on-going battle when it comes to the pipeline. Every organization has its calculations for the pipeline; if we want to achieve this number, then we need a pipeline that is five, ten, or twenty times that number. The problem with a target based on arbitrary numbers is that substance and fit tend to take a back seat. The sustained health of an organization depends on the strength of the pipeline, not the sum of assumed contract values.

Consider the value of the strategy-based pipeline. Where the equation looks more like this: Customers and federal contracts we have; Customers we want and the government contracts we need to get there; and Our ability to win against specific competitors. Bluebirds and one-offs are a natural part of the game, but they should never be the rule. A pipeline aligned to your strategy and strengths extends beyond the defense of why it is in the pipeline. It answers the question of how you will use the contract and what strategic goals it accomplishes. Federal Compass has the solutions you need to guide your tactical execution with a shared strategy.

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

What do you know about this opportunity?

There comes a time when your pipeline will come under fire. You have a program name, you’ve made some calls, and you even have a connection at the customer. It passes the test that you have a credible lead, but do you have the facts you need to survive the firing line? (Who are the likely competitors? How secure are the incumbents? Who are the customers and will our customers show up? How about the funding?)

Now consider coming to a presentation prepared to address the critical concerns. To state all of the necessary facts and turn scrutiny into confidence. With Federal Compass, you have a secret weapon that will help you identify the competitive and customer landscape for every opportunity. Our personalized solutions create a customized experience that is unique to your company and relevant to every opportunity.

Build a data-driven pipeline, focusing business development effort on opportunties that count.
Spend less time searching and more time qualifying

The strength of your pipeline is dependent on your ability to adequately qualify opportunities. However, the process of identifying opportunities often distracts from the critical step of analyzing and understanding what is in your pipeline.

Adding Federal Compass to your toolkit gives you the solutions you need to simplify the opportunity identification process. Set and forget saved searches monitor our database of FBO opportunities and potential recompetes, and automatically promote items relevant to your criteria. Visualize and manage your pipeline with customized lead lists and teams that mirror your offerings and customers. Federal Compass is your partner in efficient and effective pipeline management.