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'Tis the Season to Rethink Market Intelligence

Make this the year that you demand more from your market intelligence provider.

written by Jim Sherwood, published 12/06/2019

Case Study: Reducing Market Intelligence Costs

We ask one of our customers to evaluate the quantifiable savings and qualitative improvements of switching to Federal Compass.

published 12/06/2019

A Solution Designed by Your Peers

If you visited our website, attended a webinar, or read one of our blogs, then you’ve heard we are built from industry feedback. Is that just a catchy marketing slogan, or does it create a real benefit and advantage for our users? Visit Federal Compass today, request a demonstration and experience the difference of a solution designed by your peers.

written by Jim Sherwood, published 12/04/2019

How to paint a complete picture of the competition

When pursuing the next opportunity, it’s [of course] important to understand the competitive landscape—who are the major players? how entrenched is the incumbent contractor? The answer to these questions lies in two fundamental areas of research 1) human intelligence, and 2) data-driven market intelligence. The only way to paint a complete picture of the competition around any opportunity requires both elements and requires them to work in concert.

written by Chad Ganske, published 12/03/2019

Are you ready for SAM? We are.

The official transition from FBO to SAM begins tomorrow, November 8th. This landmark occasion for GovCon is both highly anticipated (and highly feared) by contractors large and small. Rest assured, we have you covered.

published 11/07/2019

Lessons Learned from FY19

We asked our customers to challenge their subjective assumptions with objective data and evaluate their FY19 performance.

written by Jim Sherwood, published 10/28/2019

What is FPDS?

If you're new to government contracting or maybe just new to market intelligence, you may be saying to yourself, "Everyone is talking about FPDS. What is it, exactly?" We have you covered with a quick, high-level read.

published 10/23/2019

Getting the Most out of FPDS

As many others in this industry, I’ve worked with FPDS data for a long time. I suppose the good news is that the system has changed little over the years, so time invested in learning its quirks is worthwhile. Below, I’ve outlined a few methods for maximizing its value and pitfalls that you may encounter.

written by Chad Ganske, published 10/18/2019

Cast Study: Analyzing the Symptoms of Under-performance

For this case study, we explore how a technology services contractor, displaying tremendous growth, suddenly found themselves a victim of revenue dependencies.

published 10/04/2019

Case Study: New Public-Sector Offering

Questions on how to navigate a successful market penetration are not limited to small businesses and start-ups. For this case study, we explore how a large corporation, with multiple subsidiaries, sought out the information to introduce private sector offerings to the public sector.

published 10/03/2019