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What Does Strategy Really Mean in the Federal Contracting Space?

In the realm of federal government contracting, having a well-defined and effective strategy is paramount for success. Unfortunately, the pursuit of revenue often overshadows crucial elements - crafting a comprehensive strategy, adhering to it steadfastly, and seeing it through to fruition.


In this episode of the Bourbon & Proposal podcast, the focus of the discussion is creating a strategy and identifying the different elements that are involved with it.


A sound GovCon strategy encompasses:

  • Targeting agencies and opportunities aligned with the company's expertise.
  • Highlighting competitive advantages, technical proficiency, cost competitiveness, and socio-economic certifications.
  • Staying consistent with the strategy while remaining adaptable to market changes.
  • Continually building trust and credibility with government agencies.

Throughout the episode, you will find tips and action items to help enhance your team's current strategy. Growth in GovCon does not happen overnight. It is a long and grueling process that, when done strategically and thoughtfully, can pay tremendous dividends for your team.



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More information about our guest, Tasha Jones:

Our guest for this episode is Tasha Jones from Twenty39. Tasha is a U.S. Navy Veteran and founder of Twenty39, an operations enablement firm providing transformation, digitization, and data-informed services for small businesses and agencies in the public sector. Tasha is a recognized problem solver and data champion, adept at translating complex business and technical concepts into simple, mission-focused messages and implementations. From scaling multi-million-dollar, functionally diverse global portfolios to spearheading multiple high-visibility project turnaround efforts for major IT and data systems and processes at the US Department of Justice, Ms. Jones is an industry-recognized leader in developing data-informed solutions, turning around “off the rail” projects and “just getting the job done”!


As an ardent supporter of small business, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Tasha is a Citrine Angels board member, a DC-based angel membership group of women investing in women; and is the founder and co-host for the newly launched Unveiled: GovCon Stories podcast that brings you the real stories and experiences of small businesses in government contracting.


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