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What's decision intelligence?

It's the “so what” that's missing today... A platform built by industry experts, directed at answering contractor's most pressing questions.

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Federal Opportunities

Federal Opportunities

With the largest opportunity database, we have you covered. Explore our database of pre-RFP opportunities and recompete leads.

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Federal Opportunities
Personalized Markets
Federal Opportunities

Personalized Markets

Our market-centric platform adds context to every pursuit. Every opportunity, every report, tailored specifically to you.

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Federal Opportunities

Award Research & Market Intelligence

Find gaps in the market, identify key competitors and teaming partners, evaluate performance, and analyze pathways to new business.

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Federal Opportunities

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.


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Federal Compass is an amazing platform for opportunity tracking, market research and contract forecasting. I’ve been using similar tools for many years, but Federal Compass’ daily alerts and intuitive website are a gamechanger, making it convenient for me to find the information that I need most.

—Aaron Kelley, President, UpSlope Advisors Inc.

Super easy to roll out to my team. We're able to see value from day one, and the market-based approach translates well to internal discussions.

—Market Intelligence Director, Top 10 Systems Integrator

As a solution architect and executive, Federal Compass allows me to quickly learn about opportunities while also verifying the “intel” that gets hurled at leadership every day.

—Executive, Mid-Size Health/IT Provider

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Opportunities, Contracts and Task Orders
Government Reports
Contractor Reports
Richly Personalized Assessments
New Customer Identification & Penetration Analysis
Single-Click Actionable Insights
Competitive Analysis
360 Self-Assessment

Solution-Focused Pricing

Mix and match user subscriptions across your organization.
Say goodbye to annual contracts and opaque pricing.

Opportunities & Pipeline Tools

per user, per month

Opportunity & Award Search
Lead Lists and Teams
Pipeline Notifications

Basic tools for broad participation across your organization.

Tactical Solutions

per user, per month

Market Assessments
Competitor & Teaming Search
Single-click Actionable Insights

Critical tools for your capture and business development users.

Strategic Solutions

per user, per month

Personalized Assessments
Customer Identification & Penetration Analysis
360 Self-Assessment

On-demand consulting at on-demand prices, for your strategic-focused users.

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