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A Solution Designed by Your Peers


If you visited our website, attended a webinar, or read one of our blogs, then you've heard we are built from industry feedback. That we identified 111 frustrations, questions and challenges, and used those as the blueprint for Federal Compass.

Are those just catchy marketing slogans, or does it create a real benefit and advantage for our users?

This blog will be the first in a series that addresses what we found when we engaged industry to find out what was missing in existing market intelligence products. Below, we categorize what we found, provide direct quotes from our conversations, and identify how we engineered solutions to address those capability gaps.

Cutting Through the Noise

Industry Feedback: "I struggle to understand the value of being informed that a given customer spends billions of dollars a year. That is common knowledge, what care about is where my company fits within that spending."

Our Solution: Federal Compass was designed based on a concept of markets. We use your company's specific DNA and make it easy for you to identify relevant information.

Another Data Dump of Opportunities

Industry Feedback: "My time is consumed by creating keyword searches, half the time I am not even sure I've done it right. Then I get a massive data dump of thousands of opportunities that we can't manage or properly evaluate."

Our Solution: Our concept of markets isolates the opportunities and recompetes relevant to your company. We introduced Lead Lists, and customizable fields, you can progress opportunities, alter records with human intelligence, and visualize your pipeline.

Upgrade Pages and Duplicate Searches

Industry Feedback: "I am constantly moving back and forth between search pages. There is no continuity to the research, and it is impossible to merge downloads from different reports to create a consolidated picture."

Our Solution: We offer three subscriptions based on a user's need, but we never silo or partition data. We allow you to interact with all of our data, and we intuitively move you between different products using prepopulated searches. This functionality eliminates the need for you to replicate search criteria or start your search over again within a new interface.

Cumbersome, Expensive and Rarely Used

Industry Feedback: "There are a few people who regularly use the system, certainly not the adoption rate we expected. Between the learning curve and competing interests, it has been a challenge."

Our Solution: We reduced the experience threshold, making it easy for both the market intelligence professional and first-time users to get value out of our system. Our pricing model allows you to manage costs by assigning access based on the needs of each employee.


When creating Federal Compass, we understood that other providers were missing the mark by not involving industry in product design. To disrupt the traditional approach to market intelligence, we started from the source, using the feedback from you and your peers as the blueprint for our platform. We invite you to visit Federal Compass, request a demonstration, and experience the benefits of a solution designed by industry.

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