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Alternative to GovWin

If you're a federal contractor looking to grow your public sector sales, how do you plan on managing opportunities, pursuing bids, and planning strategically to get ahead of your competition? Predicting federal, state, and local government contracts is beneficial, but ensuring your business development efforts result in contract awards is what matters most.


Whether contractors are in their preliminary solution search or making the switch from GovWin, one thing remains constant, GovWin doesn't meet their demands. We've heard them tell us time and time again. As a federal contractor, getting comprehensive, up-to-date market intelligence is extremely beneficial. What helps take you to the next level is being able to digest this data and knowing how to implement it in your business. 


We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to aggregate, cleanse, and normalize federal sources in real-time to provide you with direct insights for your business. Is it really a competitive advantage if you and your competition have access to the same exact data?


We believe that every report, every insight, should be tailored to your past performance. We couple this with the largest government contracting opportunities database to provide your business with a full-suite pipeline management tool. 


When it comes to an alternative to GovWin, there is a more capable solution - Federal Compass.


Not only is GovWin lacking in areas that are crucial to your business, but their solution is also more expensive when compared to alternatives. With this information, are you still looking for an alternative to GovWin? Compare GovWin to Federal Compass today.

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Nate Winans Federal Compass
Nate Winans

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