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Effective Pathway to Revenue for Federal Contractors

Federal Contracting Revenue Guide

Filling your pipeline with any and all opportunities does not lead to positive, long-term results. Opportunities you can win is what helps put you on the pathway to success.


While each opportunity is different, we highlight the most consistent elements when it comes to opportunities. Being able to understand and knowing who will own each component of a given opportunity will help streamline your processes, leading to better execution.


We put an emphasis on market intelligence AND process management. Download our effective pathway to revenue eBook or get in touch with us today.

Effective Pathway to Revenue Guide

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Federal Compass is an amazing platform for opportunity tracking, market research and contract forecasting. I’ve been using similar tools for many years, but Federal Compass’ daily alerts and intuitive website are a gamechanger, making it convenient for me to find the information that I need most.

—Aaron Kelley, President, UpSlope Advisors Inc.

We like that we're able to customize the system to enhance [the client’s] experience, capturing and presenting information utilizing the processes and terminology that they're used to. And all of this happens with a professional firm actively gauging the market, finding opportunities, and helping them to position themselves and ensure that their BD efforts result in the desired outcomes; usually contract awards.

—Stephen Kiernan, Principle & CEO, Fortis

Super easy to roll out to my team. We're able to see value from day one, and the market-based approach translates well to internal discussions.

—Market Intelligence Director, Top 10 Systems Integrator

As a solution architect and executive, Federal Compass allows me to quickly learn about opportunities while also verifying the “intel” that gets hurled at leadership every day.

—Executive, Mid-Size Health/IT Provider

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.