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VA797H17D0024 - 6525--Award & Fair Opportunity Notice 36A79722N013...

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This Definitive Contract contract was awarded in FY on July 27, 2022 to GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY by VETERANS AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF/VETERANS AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF/NAC HIGH TECH ORDERS (36A797). There have been no obligations to date with a ceiling value of $877.7k, showing a 0% burn rate so far on the contract. The contract was not competed under any preference program with offers received.

Definitive contracts are single award contracts which usually result from publicly advertised Federal procurements. Historically, definitive contracts represented the most common pathway for the Federal Government to enter into agreements with contractors operating in the Federal market. With few exceptions, definitive contracts all the Federal Government purchase nearly every type of commodity, technology, or service. A known quantity or deliverable is a critical attribute of definitive contracts.

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Contract Number
Obligations to Date
Ceiling Value
Award Date
Contract Type
Definitive Contract

Buying Agency/Office
Veterans Affairs » Acquisition, Logistics and Construction » Office of Procurement, Acquisition and Logistics » National Acquisition Center

Obligation Trends

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Task Order History

Task Order No. Contractor Obligations Effective Date
VA797R17J0528 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $72.5k 02/14/2017
VA24217F1757 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $23.9k 03/06/2017
VA797R16J0537 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $203.6k 03/06/2017
VA797R17J0635 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $137k 03/07/2017
VA797R17J0636 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $137k 03/07/2017
VA797R17J0637 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $137k 03/07/2017
VA24817F1832 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $576k 03/08/2017
VA797R17J0640 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $57.3k 03/08/2017
VA24117J0884 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $38.8k 03/09/2017
VA25017F2276 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $25.6k 03/10/2017
VA25017F2279 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $46.8k 03/10/2017
VA797R17J0641 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $178.6k 03/10/2017
VA24717J1126 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $40.3k 03/13/2017
VA25517F2760 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $223k 03/14/2017
VA797R17J0492 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $227.7k 03/17/2017
VA797R16J0232 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $49.1k 03/21/2017
VA797R16J0751 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $59.8k 03/23/2017
VA797R17J0734 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $248.5k 03/27/2017
VA797R17J0736 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $95.3k 03/27/2017
VA797R16J0753 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $157k 03/31/2017

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