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Fortis LLC Federal Compass Testimonial

Explore what made Fortis LLC make the switch to Federal Compass.

"A Robust Platform That All Should Use"


Fortis LLC provides opportunities and introductions to clients in the defense intelligence industry. When working with their clients, they found small and medium-sized businesses to consistently miss out on advanced knowledge, long-term planning, and struggled to create a strong foothold in their addressable markets.


They adopted Federal Compass which allowed them to take deeper dives into customized, user-defined data searches. Their ability to conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis of their clients and their existing and potential customers has been a game changer.


See how and why Fortis LLC adopted Federal Compass.

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A SaaS Platform Built for You


With Federal Compass, we empower your team with an end-to-end solution that meets its unique needs. See how our platform can help your team today so you can win more tomorrow.


· Identify opportunities aligned with your team's past performance

· Determine incumbents and potential players before the RFP drops

· In-depth reporting to help enable your team's growth

· Research and track contract vehicles you are on or have access to

· Build a pipeline that works for your team

· Find teaming partners to strengthen your bid


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The Elements Your Team Needs to Succeed

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Market Intelligence

Federal market intelligence tailored around your team's past performance to conduct competitive analysis, analyze new pathways, and more.

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Opportunity Tools

Built on the largest federal opportunity database, our AI-powered and U.S.-based analyst team capture what's in the minds of your team.

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Time Savings

Save time by keeping everything searchable in one solution for your internal and external teams. No more going here and there for this and that.

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