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Opportunity Tools & Market Intelligence for GovCon

What's the value in using the same tools as your competitors?

We have a much different approach...

Federal Compass is an all-encompassing solution focused on market intelligence and process management for federal contractors. We believe every report and insight should be tailored to you and your market so you can quickly cut through the clutter to find what matters most to your business.

Federal Opportunities

More Than Just Opportunities

The right process and the right intelligence, driving improvements in PWin.
More Than Opportunities
How Are We Different?

A GovWin Alternative.

More Comprehensive Opportunity Search

Our platform is built around the most comprehensive federal opportunity database, including forward-looking forecasts, recompete identification, and task order opportunities.

The Right Process

Powerful tools that layer intelligence and pipeline process directly onto the opportunity, facilitating capture, and driving improvements in PWin.

Strategic Research Tools

The Federal Compass platform understands you and your market, providing context to research, and allows you to achieve organizational alignment from strategic research to tactical execution.

GovWin vs Federal Compass
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If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.

A Complete Solution

Our product suite has you covered from strategic planning to opportunity identification to pipeline management and contract management.

Federal Opportunities

Federal Opportunities & Pipeline Tools

With the largest opportunity database, we have you covered. Explore our database of pre-RFP opportunities and recompete leads. Learn more

Personalized Markets

Personalized Markets

Our market-centric platform adds context to every pursuit. Every opportunity, every report, tailored specifically to you. Learn more

Federal Opportunities

Award Research & Market Intelligence

Find gaps in the market, identify key competitors and teaming partners, evaluate performance, and analyze pathways to new business. *including prime and subcontract awards Learn more

Built By Industry Experts

Federal Compass was founded by two practitioners, Chad Ganske and Jim Sherwood, with over 30 years’ experience in developing opportunity tools and market intelligence solutions for government contractors. The founders represent a rare mix of experience, knowledge and passion.

Chad Ganske

Chad Ganske


Chad has worked in the federal market intelligence space for over 15 years. He began his career as an engineer at Silicon Valley-based Oracle Corp. After leaving Oracle, Chad joined INPUT, which later became GovWin. There, he oversaw all engineering activities for their market intelligence data platform, as well as the integration of Federal Sources, Centurion and Onvia platforms. Chad has a comprehensive understanding of the federal market intelligence industry and the technology needed to deliver its most compelling product.

Jim Sherwood

Jim Sherwood

Chief Product Officer/CPO

Jim has over 15 years of experience building and delivering market intelligence solutions for government contractors. He joined INPUT in 2004, where he was responsible for managing and modernizing their federal market intelligence products. Jim later worked for Wolf Den Associates, where he managed a strategic-focused market intelligence consulting practice. Jim’s experience with both subscription products and consulting engagements has given him unique insights into the complex and dynamic needs that exist in this market.


Federal Compass is an amazing platform for opportunity tracking, market research and contract forecasting. I’ve been using similar tools for many years, but Federal Compass’ daily alerts and intuitive website are a gamechanger, making it convenient for me to find the information that I need most.

—Aaron Kelley, President, UpSlope Advisors Inc.

We like that we're able to customize the system to enhance [the client’s] experience, capturing and presenting information utilizing the processes and terminology that they're used to. And all of this happens with a professional firm actively gauging the market, finding opportunities, and helping them to position themselves and ensure that their BD efforts result in the desired outcomes; usually contract awards.

—Stephen Kiernan, Principle & CEO, Fortis

Super easy to roll out to my team. We're able to see value from day one, and the market-based approach translates well to internal discussions.

—Market Intelligence Director, Top 10 Systems Integrator

As a solution architect and executive, Federal Compass allows me to quickly learn about opportunities while also verifying the “intel” that gets hurled at leadership every day.

—Executive, Mid-Size Health/IT Provider

If you do business with the Federal Government, you need Federal Compass.